Color Consult

What is your palette?

Did You Know

Your specific neutrals will align with your own inherent coloring?
Pops of color are not created equally. Each one says something different depending on how the color relates to you!
Modyfying trends to fit your color story is not only necessary, it is captivating.


The Science of Style

Knowing your colors will:
  • Allow you to identify your best neutrals, white, bolds and if desired: makeup
  • Give you the power to know exactly when and how to use color






Kat came to an event to help foster girls with their image.  She helped me find clothes that expressed who I was, and that sent the message that I was in charge of.  She is great at working with teens.


Kathryn was amazing. As a transgender individual, my image poses a unique set of challenges.  Thank you for taking the complex poitics of visual identity, and making it powerful, fun and creative!


I never looked so amazing!I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of make-up, hair and set design with my photo and video shoots.  This was a big job, and Kathryn showed up professionally and with a smile each day.  She helped to identify the exact colors, styles and patterns to send the visual message that was in alignment with my intentions.  I’ve seen her work with women of any shape, size and color. The confidence boost and power that come from working with her is well worth the investment.  She just knows style and she is equally real and down to earth. She will LISTEN to you and your needs and desires!  Highly recommeneded.

Willow Brown

Kat has an eye like few I’ve met. Years ago, knowing I loved scarves, she picked the simplest of ones out for me, and I remember thinking, hmm, this color (green-brown with some lime in it) is not what I expected! I had tons of scarves then, but hers quickly became the piece I chose, over and over. Today, my scarf habit has waned, but anytime I choose to accessorize with a scarf, unless it’s the dead of Winter and I must have something warm and practical, it is always this scarf that Kat chose for me years ago! This is the best way to describe Kat’s style: it’s really just perfect. She reads the client, her or his style, and the value of timeless pieces better than any stylist I know! Can’t recommend enough! You’ll love what you get! Certified Iyengar Instructor and Health and Wellness Consultant.

Kim Weeks