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Noah Scales, Sales Associate

“In just one afternoon, Kathryn taught me about style, clothing choices, and making a statement with my appearance.
Her personalized suggestions for me were a great help in preventing me from making my usual nerdy blunders with my clothing choices.
Now I have the option of dressing well.”

Tova Mott, Business Owner

“As soon as I began working with Kathryn Griffin as my Image Consultant, I was amazed at the impact her recommendations had.
All of my friends noticed a difference in me immediately, though they could never quite put their finger on what had changed.
I even had a complete stranger tell me how beautiful I looked! I have also truly enjoyed Kathryn’s professionalism coupled with her absolute interest in helping me achieve my goals both from a personal and professional perspective.
Working with Kathryn is an investment in myself and it’s already paying off.”

Willow Brown, Licensed Acupuncturist

“Kat Griffin was the best stylist I could have asked for on my last video shoot… I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of make-up, hair and set design.
This was a big job, and Kat showed up professionally and with a smile each day. She can work with women of any shape, size and color and make them look and feel like a star!
The confidence boost that comes from working with her is soooo worth the investment!”

Alethea Hasbrouck, Ph.D., Educator

“I had my colors done with Kat and it was a really wise use of my time and money. She is gifted at understanding the complex world of colors and styles.
With so much out there to choose from, Kathryn was able to really simplify what looks best on me for which occasions and why. I have been able to thin out my closet and feel more confident and beautiful.
It has already saved me money and time when going out to shop. I bring my color fan and am quickly able to see which things to buy and which things to pass on.
I really appreciate Kathryn and her gift for helping people look and feel their best. I would (and have!) recommended her to women (and men!!!) I know.”