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K Griffin Style was created to help you streamline your style and  build your visual communication skill set. 
Kathryn brings a level of expertise with over 15 years experience in style and design, with a dual degree in Fine Arts and Sociology & is AICI certified. 


Kat came to an event to help foster girls with their image.  She helped me find clothes that expressed who I was, and that sent the message that I was in charge of.  She is great at working with teens.

Testimonial from teenager

Kathryn was amazing. As a transgender individual, my image poses a unique set of challenges.  Thank you for taking the complex poitics of visual identity, and making it powerful, fun and creative!

Testimonial from client

I never looked so amazing!I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of make-up, hair and set design with my photo and video shoots.  This was a big job, and Kathryn showed up professionally and with a smile each day.  She helped to identify the exact colors, styles and patterns to send the visual message that was in alignment with my intentions.  I’ve seen her work with women of any shape, size and color. The confidence boost and power that come from working with her is well worth the investment.  She just knows style and she is equally real and down to earth. She will LISTEN to you and your needs and desires!  Highly recommended.

Willow Brown

Kat has an eye like few I’ve met. Years ago, knowing I loved scarves, she picked the simplest of ones out for me, and I remember thinking, hmm, this color (green-brown with some lime in it) is not what I expected! I had tons of scarves then, but hers quickly became the piece I chose, over and over. Today, my scarf habit has waned, but anytime I choose to accessorize with a scarf, unless it’s the dead of Winter and I must have something warm and practical, it is always this scarf that Kat chose for me years ago! This is the best way to describe Kat’s style: it’s really just perfect. She reads the client, her or his style, and the value of timeless pieces better than any stylist I know! Can’t recommend enough! You’ll love what you get! Certified Iyengar Instructor and Health and Wellness Consultant.

Kim Weeks

Kathryn is great at what she does as a personal stylist. I asked her to help me clean out my closet and create outfits from what remained. Over the course of several sessions (I had a TON of clothes), with her help, I was able to donate a good portion of my wardrobe, keeping only the best pieces. The outfits that she put together with the items that we kept are brilliant. She made me fall in love with my clothes again and I would recommend her services.

Emily Ingoglia

Kat is incredibly skilled and talented at supporting her clients in expressing their personal brand through style. Her knowledge and versatility with color theory and body type blended with her intuitive understanding of how to evoke style choices that convey your personal and professional uniqueness will have you confident and ready to lead in any arena from a business conference to a night out! Highly recommended!

Brie Wiesselman

Kat is truly amazing to work with! She will have you looking and feeling your best both inside and out! If you are a working professional looking to make an impact or just want to have a classy comfortable wardrobe that matches your soul she is my go to consultant. -Libbey Blumberg – V.P. Of Lending Guaranteed Rate Home Loans.

Libbey Blumberg

Kathryn has been my stylist for the last two years and I have noticed vast improvements in both my business and social life. When I wear the right clothes, I meet quality women that may not have noticed me otherwise. I find that classy women are far more likely to engage with me when I’m utilizing Kathryn’s five style archetype formulas. In business, I find colleagues give me more respect and take me more seriously. If you are ready to bring your life to the next level, give Kat a call.

Headshot image of male client
Trace Farley

I was amazed how focused and artfully skilled Kat was when she was generating my colors! Personally not feeling well versed in wardrobe and fashion, she also accompanied me to a few stores to help pick out shirts and pants for my professional headshot. I felt very supported and was a fun experience. I highly recommend Kat to any professional looking to upgrade their wardrobe to look and feel great! Thanks Kat!

Evan Gonzalez

I was honestly astonished at the difference in how I felt after having Kathryn come do a closet inventory and showing me ways to create outfits that reflected more of my natural radiance. We had done the color wheel weeks before but I didn’t quite know how to put it all together. Her thoughtful questions and authentic feedback made me comfortable and confident. The personal shopping trip took away the guess work and made me realize the importance of tailoring clothes to fit better. I know now that I’m being seen for who I am, not only by what I’m wearing. So Grateful!

Portfolio of personal styling
Beth Nelson

"Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions."

Coco Chanel

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