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Kathryn Griffin, K Griffin Style Founder & Owner

Kathryn brings quite a level of expertise with fifteen years experience in visual communication and design. She holds degrees in both fine arts and sociology.

Having first started in landscape design, Kathryn had her own business in the East Bay Area in the nineties. She then worked as a freelance contractor doing interior faux finishing and color consulting.

She has also worked in arts education, and the performing arts. In the retail industry, Kathryn is currently the personal stylist for Anthropologie, Santana Row. 

She holds certificates in the profession from SF City and West Valley Colleges, and has studied extensively with industry experts including Day Studios, Image and Color Institute International, and world-renowned authors and stylists, Carla Mathis and Alyce Parsons.

"When we apply design elements to align with your unique body specifics, magic happens. Having a curated wardrobe not only has the potential to vastly up level your business but also your personal life. Our bodies are our architecture. Learn to work with yours, and you will extend the 'welcome home' to your gorgeous and unique self."

Kathryn Griffin

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