Personal styling is about finding your unique formula; a matter of identifying your exact coloring, the scale and line of your facial features, body proportions, textural qualities and design weight.  Sound overwhelming? Consider hiring a trained professional. Having great style is not just about wearing a fancy brand to show off your status.  It is a marriage of your inherent design qualities with the clothing and accessories that will enhance, speak to and support it. Then comes the question: what do you want to say today? Be in control of this and watch the world respond the way you wish it to….

Beth is an empowerment coach. Clients will respond to her radiance, which is facilitated by knowing her exact color palette. Components in her clothing mirror her inherent design paired with a high saturation color.

"I'm trustworthy." Using a consistent calming and neutral color palette can help build credibility through key visual cues.

What is your red? Wear the wrong one and people will notice the garment, not you. Or worse, assumptions may be made that are not true. Here she is powerful, romantic and elegant.

A beautiful marriage of external components with native design. The level of contrast, color intensity, textural qualities and design weight all mirror and compliment her inherent qualities.

Casual neutrals allow you to blend in. She is put together, yet can fade into the background if necessary. She engenders respect, yet evades the expectation of unnecessary communication.

Many people wear neutrals that either drain or under/over power them. Combining your formal neutrals with the correct line and pattern will create a look that iterates, “Take me seriously, I know what I’m doing.”